Mission and Objectives

To provide a place of worship and be the spiritual resource center for the Hindu community living in Greater Sioux Falls and surrounding areas.
  • Practice ideals of Hinduism through worship, education, and community involvement
  • Recognize and respect other faiths/relegions and bring forth the common ideals
  • Enrich the social and cultural diversity of the Siouxland
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  1. Ajay Kittur - Vice Chair
    HTOS is a great asset to the Hindu community living in the Siouxland area. The community will be proudly learning, celebrating and sharing the rich culture, diversity and the values.
  2. Samar Gogai - Fund raising
    HTOS brings a common bond that will bind the Hindu Community in Siouxland area.
  3. Manohar Velpuri - Treasurer
    HTOS and temple building is realizing a long time dream and a place to teach kids about our relegion and culture.
  4. Saravanan Vedhachalam - President
    HTOS is a place of worship serving our community needs and giving an identity to Hindus in Siouxland. A place to share understanding of Hindu relegion, values, & culture, and promote interfaith among all.
  5. Ramesh Singh - Vice President
    Hindu temple and community center will be a place to strengthen our social bonding, enrich our cultural diversity, extend community service, and explore our spirtual well being.
  6. Jeetendra Thakkar - EC Member
  7. Radhey Shyam Kaushik - EC Member
  8. Kalyan Boinapalli - Secretary
    HTOS is a commmunity effort to serve the Hindu culture and promote Hindu way of life. It's a place where our kids can learn about our heritage and Hindu relegious practices, a place to form social bonds amoung community, and a place we can call ours.
  9. Manjunath Balaram - EC Member
    HTOS is the result of solidarity and hard work of vibtrant American Hindu community of Siouxland area that will bring the people with common interest together to share the rich culture and values.
  10. Veera Chandrasekaran - Technology Coordinator
    HTOS is a platform for bringing like-minded people together. It provides an opportunity to practice the rituals and culture in a far away land.