Mission and Objectives

To provide a place of worship and be the spiritual resource center for the Hindu community living in Greater Sioux Falls and surrounding areas.
  • Practice ideals of Hinduism through worship, education, and community involvement
  • Recognize and respect other faiths/religions and bring forth the common ideals
  • Enrich the social and cultural diversity of the Siouxland
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  1. Samar Gogai - Fundraising Coordinator
    HTOS brings a common bond that will bind the Hindu Community in Siouxland area.
  2. Manohar Velpuri - Program Coordinator
    HTOS and temple building is realizing a long time dream and a place to teach kids about our religion and culture.
  3. Saravanan Vedhachalam - Past President
    HTOS is a place of worship serving our community needs and giving an identity to Hindus in Siouxland. A place to share understanding of Hindu religion, values, & culture, and promote interfaith among all.
  4. Ramesh Singh - President
    Hindu temple and community center will be a place to strengthen our social bonding, enrich our cultural diversity, extend community service, and explore our spirtual well being.
  5. Saneev Angal - Secretary
    HTOS is the source of happiness and peace of mind.
  6. Pallav Deka - Asst Treasurer
  7. Kalyan Boinapalli - Vice President
    HTOS is a commmunity effort to serve the Hindu culture and promote Hindu way of life. It's a place where our kids can learn about our heritage and Hindu relegious practices, a place to form social bonds amoung community, and a place we can call ours.
  8. Veera Chandrasekaran - Comm Coordinator
    HTOS is determined to provide spiritual experience to community. It provides an opportunity to practice the rituals and culture in a far away land.
  9. Archana Chatterjee - BOT Chair
  10. Muthukumarappan - BOT Vice Chair
    HTOS is a place for worship and it is meant to effectively serve Sioux Falls community and other neighboring communities.
  11. Vandhana Baireddy - Outreach Coordinator
    HTOS creates a sense of community in the Greater Siouxland area. In Hindu & Indian culture, Temple is a place where we all can come together and become one.
  12. Suvarna Sarnikar - Treasurer
    HTOS is a great place to explore your spiritual journey, social bonding, and a great opportunity for community service.
  13. Shyam Balaji - Facility Coordinator
    HTOS is a sacred meeting place for Siouxland's Hindu community. A place to congregate and revitalize our spiritual energies.

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