Darshan Chembakur Ramachandra

Darshan bhattar was born in Bangalore, he has trained in pancharathra agama for 3years and got certified from Karnataka government,

He is from priesthood family,him to till his ancestors many generations have served the ghattu venkateshwara Swamy temple in chembakur, chittor dist, Andhra Pradesh.

He has work experience in Shri Seeta Rama Anjaneya Swamy temple and Durga parameshwari temple in Bangalore…

He has performed brahmotsavam,kalyanotsavam,pradistapana mahotsavam in his native place as well as in many temples in Bangalore.

He is Well versed in many Hindu rituals like Homams, abhishekams, alankharamas and many pooja conducted in temple and in the devotees house.

darshan in temple