Meet the 2022 – 2024 Executive Committee (EC) President, for Hindu Temple of Siouxland. Mrs. VANDHANA BAIREDDY. She and her family have been a part of HTOS for 12 years. Her husband Seshu BAIREDDY and 3 daughters, Padmashree, Ratnashree and Shree Govindarajalu have all been volunteers of HTOS. She has volunteered at several events and has previously served on the EC as the OUTREACH CHAIR. Vandhana finds HTOS to be a unique and diverse community that comes together to celebrate religious, cultural, and educational events. She continues to learn a lot from her fellow devotees and feels blessed to be associated with HTOS. As the President, she hopes to improve BALVIHAR and TIES between HTOS and the greater community of Sioux Falls. Through City Projects , South Dakota Symphony Orchestra and Rotary Events. As well as encourage the participation of community organizations to drive Temple Events